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Smile Gallery

Copy of patientpics1 009.jpeg
Copy (8) of patientpics1 002.jpeg

Bonding was used to repair chipped enamel.



This removable partial was replaced with a new one that has appropriately sized teeth and proper lip support.


Copy (8) of patientpics1 001.jpeg
Copy (6) of patientpics1 003.jpeg

Bonding was used to reshape these teeth and close spaces.  No anesthetic was needed because material was added to the existing tooth structure.  There was no removal of existing structure.  The procedure was done in one two-hour visit.


Bonding was used to repair chipped enamel.


oldpics 068.jpeg
oldpics 069.jpeg

This smile was improved by providing proper lip support and positioning the teeth to reveal a more youthful smile.


oldpics 203.jpeg
oldpics 221.jpeg

A fixed bridge and crowns were used to improve tooth position and beautify the smile.


oldpics 308.jpeg
oldpics 309.jpeg

Bonding was used to repair chipped enamel.


patientpics 012.jpeg
patientpics 013.jpeg

Crowns were used to improve the shape and color of the patient’s previous crowns.


patientpics1 003.jpeg
patientpics1 004.jpeg

Broken, worn teeth dictated need for replacement of this prosthesis.  Notice how the change in tooth position results in less gum showing and a more esthetic result.